Zabelov Group


21:40 - 22:25 (main hall)

MuNa | Music Navigator 2022

The focal point of Zabelov Group`s approach to music comprises of a broadly ranged concept of jazz, a fascination with rhythmic sequences and abstract vocals, experimentation and constant search for novel sounds enhanced by multicultural fusion. Along with acoustic instruments, the duo uses synthesisers and various other sound effects. The key musical elements are continuous spontaneity on stage and the skill of weaving momentary moods into the final musical expression. The duo has been active since 2012.

The duo’s latest work is “Madhouse Session EP”, released in 2020 by Minority Records. While the previous album “Eg” is a precisely puzzled highly-developed studio piece which came into being at multiple locations with contributions by various guest-artists and did not allow for all the tracks to be performed live due to its demanding nature, Madhouse Session is a live recording of concert preparations.

Zabelov Group has been active on the Czech scene since 2012, their first work was a homemade recording 40 000 Km (2012), it was followed by the album Secret Session (2014), a milestone was their first studio album Eg (2018, Minority Records) which brought them on the stages of clubs and festivals in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Netherlands, Slovenia and Italy.

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